The History of Kidangoor

Kidangoor is a historic village with a great cultural heritage, Situated on both banks of the river Meenachil. This naturally beautiful land is blessed with the proximity of artists and writers. There is an enlightened population here that achieves high standards in educational and social fields.

The rulers of this region were ‘Thekumkur’ kings who ruled the country with ‘Vennimala’ as their Centre. Later, when King ‘Marthandavarma’ conquered ‘Thekumkur’, this region became a part of Venad. Many military preparations and battles have taken place here to secure the borders of ‘Thekumkur’.This area got its name as ‘Kidangoor’ and ‘Kottapuram’ because there was a moat built and a fort built here during that period. Names such as ‘KotavahiKothalamKothiramattam’ are still standing here like historical monuments of some war.


Founding Father- Rt. Rev. Monsignor Cyriac J. Mattathil

Rt. Rev. Monsignor Cyriac J.Mattathil, was born on 26th April 1900 as the second son of Chako-Achamma couple in the ancient Mattithil family of Kidangoor Parish. He had his primary education from his hometown. He completed his middle school education at St. Mary's School, Kidangoor, which was the only English school run by Kottayam Diocese at that time.He then secured his high school education at St. Joseph's School, Trissinappally. He then began his priestly studies in Rome. In the year 1928, he was ordained as a priest in the holy city.

Then, after completing his studies at Rome, Monsignor Cyriac, visited Lourdes in France. He witnessed many healings during the circumambulation of the Holy Sacrifice.Some people who bathed in the miraculous stream of Lourdes and drank its water were cured. He was convinced that those who had not recovered from the disease had miraculously experienced spiritual awakening and inner peace.The glory of the Holy Virgin's intercession captivated him. He was touched by the miraculous healing of diseases like cancer, deafness and blindness. Such enlightened visions touched his mind deeply.

Rev. Fr. Cyriac J.Mattathil wanted his birthplace, Kidangoor, to have the presence of the Holy Mother, who is capable of curing not only physical but also mental and internal disturbances. He decided to create a ‘Small Lourdes’ in Kidangoor.His hopes blossomed in 1956 when the Little Lourdes Movement was launched. Koch Lourdes Mission, which stands as the Tilakakuri of Kidangoor, was owned by Swarupi, who was gifted by Mattathil achan's family and received from benefactors in the divine life.

The Organizational Framework

It entrusted the monastic community with the visitation of the diocese of Kottayam for the smooth functioning of these institutions.The running of the Little Lourdes Institutions and being under the care of the Sisters of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary was a spiritual inspiration from God to Rev. Fr. Cyriac J.Mattathil.

The Sisters of the Visitation are the ones who have received the unique gift of experiencing the humble and sweet love of Jesus, who is in divine mercy with their mother, and to share it with others and lead everyone to His saving love.Even today, they continue to take care of this hospital with eager service and healing ministry of Jesus Christ.