About LLM Hospital - Kidangoor Kottayam

A multi-specialty hospital that will take care of, your health and medical needs. LLM Hospital, come up with an expert insight into health services has set optimum standards for quality and care to ensure better healthcare experience.

The hospital designed and conceived in a different way stretches in 15 acres of land adjacent to main Highway, between Pala and Kottayam. LLM Hospital houses more than 21 departments, advanced Operation Theatres, Intensive Care Units, 24-Hour Emergency care support, 24 Hour Pharmacy service and clinical Laboratories, well maintained Rooms and Wards, Restaurant, and ample car parking facilities.

Built by our founder Rt. Rev. Monsignor Syriac J. Mattathil, the hospital has evolved to its present form from his extraordinary vision. A visionenlightened by him; to provide affordable advanced healthcare to the society; a complete hospital that has better facilities, affordable treatment costs at a location very much in the heart of the Kidangoor region under under the care of the Sisters of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary was a spiritual inspiration from God to Rev. Fr. Syriac J. Mattathil..

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Meet Our Doctors

Our administration and support staff all have exceptional people skills and trained to assist you with all medical enquiries.


Get the Compassionate Healing That You Deserve! We are One of the Best Affordable Multi specialty Hospital in Kottayam-LLM Kidangoor

Our core values are built with prestigious accreditation around the thought of patient-first and that each doctors at LLM Hospitals is a human care expert physcians, going above and beyond the call of duty as they live by the belief that every single life is priceless. When they embark on these journeys, stories emerge - stories of grit, determination and never giving up. Join us on a journey to discover stories that reinforce your belief in life move On.

Inspiring Stories!

“When I visited the Clinic, I got a very nice experience with the doctors and staff. A special thanks to your floor manager; they provide good support and care to us. Thank you so much, LLM team.”

“I love this hospital so much; they have intellectually professionals Doctors; seriously, I'm not exaggerating, OPD, Internal Medicine, superb nurses, and my beloved ENT, Dr. Sisir Kumar! Wow!, keep the fire burning; God bless you all”

“As we did not have insurance coverage for the treatment, their consideration of the patient's financial background was greatly appreciated. It was a humanitarian experience apart from the treatment by the doctors and staff. Thanks to the Hospital and team. Recommend for the families.”

“A friendly and healthy attitude towards the patients. I want to highlight and recommend the physiotherapy department here as they are qualified and possess good knowledge about their job role, which helps them to analyze the condition of their patients and treat them accordingly with empathy!”

“It is a good hospital, and the doctors are treating and explaining it very well. Mr. Fayaz helped me a Lot. Dr. Ommen is one of the best Surgeons I have ever met. Thank you, Anesthesia team. Dr. Monica is very friendly and helpful. The nursing team was excellent-Sister Ann, Raichal'ssister,.thank you everyone.”

“One of the best hospitals in the Kidangoor region. The staff are amicable, and the excellent service they provided me, especially in inpatient department nurses.”

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