Name of the Department:  DENTAL  
Working days : Monday  to Saturday
Op Time: Morning: 8.45am  to 1.00 pm  Evening: 4.00 pm  to  6.00pm
Saturday : 8.45am – 1.00pm

Doctor’s  Name: Dr. Sr. Sangeetha S.V.M.
Designation: Dental Surgeon (Qualification): BDS

Doctor’s  Name: Dr. Aleena Irine James
Designation: Dental Surgeon (Qualification): BDS
Specialists :
Doctor’s  Name: Dr. Kishore George  
Designation: Oral and maxillofacial surgeon  (Qualification): MDS
Doctor’s  Name: Dr. Tony Micheal
Designation: Orthodontist (Qualification): MDS
Doctor’s  Name: Dr. Jwala  C. Chiramel
Designation: Orthodontist (Qualification): MDS
Doctor’s  Name: Dr. Joseph  Joy
Designation: Endodontist (Qualification): MDS
Department Activities:  

  • Orthodontic treatment
  •  Fixed Orthodontic Treatment
  • Removable Orthodontic Treatment
  • Habit Breaking Treatment

  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery  
  • Extraction
      • Impaction (Surgical Tooth Removal)
      • Frenectomy  
      • Alveoloplasty
      • Orthognathic Surgery
      • Accident and Trauma care
  • Endodontic treatment (Root Canal Treatment)
  • Conservative treatment
      • Tooth Coloured Fillings (Composite, GIC)
      • Midline - Diastema Closure (Space Closure)
  • Periodontal treatment
  • Full Mouth Ultrasonic  Scaling
  • Prosthodontic  Treatment
  • Complete Denture  
  • Removable Denture
  • Crown and  Bridge
  • Post and Core build up 
  • Paedodontic treatment
  • Root Canal Treatment, Fillings, Extraction
  • Scaling
  • Habit Breaking Treatment
  • X-Ray Facilities
  • Digital X-Ray (RVG)